Grade 1 1500 Small piece +400 small piece Itsukushima Shinto Shrine III 17-106 master plus test master of puzzle (japan…

1500 Piece 400 Piece
50 x 75cm, 26 x 38cm


Highest peak of the « jigsaw puzzle master test! » Master primary puzzle! ! In one bag, I contains two puzzle 400 piece and 1500 piece is mixed. 2in1 puzzle puzzle of two mixed! We will wait for the challenge. 400 piece is a puzzle of a picture the same as part of the 1500 piece. Home test you can do with (doubles within 14 days) home 21 days from puzzle Purchase assembly period. I anyone can join. Exam class which can be chosen according to merit. There is also a doubles participation candidate can take the exam in double harness. Certificate of honor will be sent to the successful applicants. puzzle of one [A] 2 person (quaternary) of three times to complete direction and tertiary Kitei pass out of the period that has passed twice qualified examinees 2 pass Level persons and tertiary. 400 piece puzzle piece and 1500 has been mixed. Volume up or [B] difficulty! I do not know what piece of the puzzle of either part of the picture because the same! ! Grouping by the color of the piece is difficult puzzle of one [C] 2, part of the picture because the same! Piece is even more the same as Grade 2 assembly period! ! Even more [D] in 1900 piece same as Grade 2 assembly period! Period is substantially shorter! Piece puzzle size between two sizes the same! ! Because they align the piece size of each puzzle, indistinguishable! Size completion of the 50 x 75cm400 piece puzzle, (except national holiday beauty especially holiday) Size completion of the 1500 piece puzzle, 10 TEL029-862-5128 Mon-Fri Contact for jigsaw puzzle master test that will be 26 x 38cm : 00 ~ 12:00,13:00 ~ 17:00 FAX029-862-1180
1500 Piece 400 Piece
50 x 75cm, 26 x 38cm

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